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Illegal Fat Burners: Pills That Really Can Kill!

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We can’t deny from the fact that, illegal fat burners were once widely popular and extensively consume by the overweight people because of their stupendous fat burning effects. But, those best illegal fat loss supplements get banned in many countries as per recommendation of government bodies.

The banned fat burners were unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements by FDA and FSA units based on food safety concern.

In this blog we are going to discuss everything you should know about illegal fat burners and its side effects.

So, if illegal fat burners 2018 really worked, then why it get banned?

Why illegal fat burners were banned?

Illegal fat burners were banned because of the harmful ingredients. Those ingredients were both harmful and dangerous that can even cause serious side effects.

Some of the harmful ingredients of those banned fat burners are DNP, clenbuterol and ephedrine.

Here are the real facts for those who aren’t familiar with these ingredients.

  1. Clenbuterol
  2. Ephendrine
  3. DNP

Now, let me explain you one by one, why the aforementioned mentioned ingredients are harmful for health and got banned.

  • Clenbuterol

Basically Clenbuterol is a steroid like compound that was discovered to solve respiratory problems like asthma in horses. As time passes, people started consuming it for fat burning process and to acquire lean muscle mass as well.

However, it is strictly banned for human use in most of the countries. Its use is prohibited on animals who slaughtered for food.

The main reason to unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements Clenbuterol is the major side effects in humans. The banned fats burner, Clenbuterol was responsible for a number of poisoning cases in humans.

  • Ephendrine

This ingredient comes under the category of drug. Ephendrine is extracted from the Chinese herb ephedra. That’s why the use of this ingredient in best illegal fat loss supplements got banned by FDA. And get completely vanished from the market in April, 2004.

The reason behind the prohibition of this ingredient was only the safety concerns. Because, the agency recorded 1400 complaints and 80 deaths on side effects.

  • DNP (2,4 Dinitrophenol)

In 1920 Study conducted at Stanford University discovered 2, 4 dinitrophenol industrial chemical for weight loss. After that, the physicians start prescribing it to obese patients.

But FDA banned the consumption of this chemical as it was announced the result to cataract formation among female users.

Moreover, the use of the product containing this ingredient resulted to numerous deaths.

Are Banned fat burners still available?

Unfortunately yes!

Those best illegal fat loss products are readily available in the market today. Some of the consumers who get addicted to illegal fat burners, continued to use even after they got completely banned.

There’re some sites on the online market who are selling those banned fat burners to them. For example, some of the bodybuilding sites are still promoting Clenbuterol to acquire lean muscle mass advantages and fat burning effects as well.

Some stores and gyms are also spotted selling them illegally. You may be curious to know what it will do to your health.

NOTE: Illegal fat burners can cause both harmful as well dangerous side effects and even sudden death.

Here’s the list of side Effects of Banned Fat Burners

  • Addiction
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness and Hand tremors
  • Psychosis
  • Heart Problems

Some other side effects that can also be caused include:

  • Sweating
  • Vomiting
  • Flushed Skin
  • Nausea
  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Dry mouth
  • Dehydration

Now all you know its adverse effects on health.

So, what next? Let have a look.

Should you risk by purchasing them?

Of Course Not!!!

Despite of the fact that, the fat burner illegal give quicker weight loss results than legal products, you should not dare to purchase them. The potential side effects are really serious that can’t be ignored.

On the other sides, there’re legal fat loss supplements that don’t contain any harmful or banned ingredients in it.

The legal fat burners are the finest replicate of all the banned fat burners in the market. Because legal fat burners help you in getting desired weight loss goal quickly without posing any side effects.

Are you wonder to know best legal fat burners?

Then, here it is...

Top 3 legal fat burners for safe weight loss

  • PhenQ
  • Phen375
  • Garcinia Camobogia Extra

These FDA approved fat burners are blends of herbs and stimulants that slightly increase your body temperature by boosting thermogenic property, which help you burn more calories during exercise. These legal fat burners are available for sale only on their respective manufacturer’s site.

Final Verdict

Hope now it is clear to you that instead of going for illegal fat burners just go for legal one. But keep in mind that, don’t stick with diet pill only to shed your annoying pounds. Thus, to lose excess body weight and to obtain your desired weight loss goal, add pills with your healthy diet and exercise plan.

Therefore, instead of opting for banned fat burners, always opt for best legal fat burners in the market. Legal fat burners will help you in getting slim, sexy figure that you’ve dreamed off.

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